LAHORE - MQM, which is claiming to establish its foothold in Punjab for quite some time, is in fact never serious in making the party a political share holder of the province except using the province as a platform to turn Mohajir Qaumi Movement into Mutahidda Qaumi Movement.

Some of the party leaders belonging to Punjab during background interviews with The Nation on Tuesday over the issue of MQM’s political prospects in the province remarked: Party’s high command was never serious in making the party a political share holder of this province. The foremost target of the party’s top leadership was to use the political significance of the province for turning the Mohajir Qaumi Movement into Mutahidda Qaumi Movement in a bid to make it national party out of the shell of a regional party.

They revealed: Punjab chapter is in fact steered by a provincial organisational committee operating from Nine-Zero, while the provincial leadership of Punjab has no ‘say’ in the real party politics. Punjab chapter always worked under the strict watch of the Nine-Zero as the big bosses never trusted the Punjabi leadership.

MQM Punjab leaders were of the opinion that the party’s high command second target relating to this province was using it as somewhat a pressure platform for their demand to make a new province comprising Karachi and Hyderabad.

In another revelation, they said, “Many of the party men in Punjab either activists or leaders are in fact migrated from Karachi during 1992 operation and could not be called the real Punjabi cadres.”

Without naming the party leaders, they added that two of the main operatives in party’s incumbent Punjab set up migrated from Karachi during 1992 operation and how could they be called real Punjabi leadership, while there were several other examples of this kind.

They said, “MQM, which is divided into three zones in Punjab, namely Central, Upper and South Punjab zones under an overall one provincial Presidents besides zonal Presidents has only some small support pockets in South Punjab, which again consist of Urdu speaking migrates from parts of Sindh or India.”

When asked why the party selected the sitting provincial President, Mian Attique belongs to Rawalpindi, which falls under Upper Punjab zone instead of South, they insisted that he was selected for this position on the directions of a State’s powerful quarter and also made Senator by the party from Sindh.

In yet another revelation, they said, “Some of the party responsible are paid by the headquarters for looking after party’s limited targets in the province. While others survive by resolving the Karachi-related issues of the people living in their respected areas in return of monetary benefits.”

“However, despite all the tactics, the party is shrinking by each passing day, as there were nine town offices in Lahore and at this moment all these offices were closed down and the only office party has in the provincial capital, is Punjab office which is its provincial chapter. Similarly, there are around dozen town offices left in all the three provincial zones of the party which are virtually inactive.”

MQM Punjab President, Senator Mian Attique, when contacted, confronting his colleagues while admitting party’s inactive posture in Punjab claimed: Party will soon start reorganisation process to replace the inactive or the non-performing activists with active members.

However, Attique when asked about the reasons of inactivity of the party activists could not give a clear reply and restricted himself to the words that they (inactive activists) had personal reasons.  He said that MQM Punjab would start party’s reorganisation from Union Council level and in the second phase it would deal with the tehsil level and in the final round comes to the district level.