There are two types of girls in an average Pakistani man’s life; the kind that is to be asked out and the kind whose hand is to be asked for in marriage. There are two phases in a man’s life; when he needs to make a man out of himself during which time he requires constant support and encouragement from ‘the girl of his dreams’ and a second phase where he settles down, becomes the man that he had worked to become and marries the woman of his mother’s dreams.

Throughout college, that cute guy from across the class will not talk to you unless you make sure you’re attractive, you’re popular and have a nice large group of friends. Throughout college, he will need you to constantly support him. Tell him he’s a good student when he’s not. Help him make something out of his pathetic life. Throughout college, you’ll be expected to dress up in a way that people envy him for going out with you.  Throughout college, you will be expected to maintain an extroverted personality, meet people and socialize.

College, however, doesn’t last. Eventually, your support will start threatening him. Deep down inside, he will know that he’s the man he is because of your support. The countless nights he spent up whining about his life, the multiple times he needed your help with work he couldn’t do, the numerous tests you helped him pass will haunt him.  You see, being a Pakistani male, he has been taught all his life about his superiority over you, a woman.

This is when the very typical Pakistani man inside him will wake up from the deep slumber he had been enjoying all through college. It will suddenly dawn upon him that his wife should never dress up in a way that attracts other men towards her. The pride he felt when people said how beautiful his girlfriend was back in college will turn into jealousy.

The typical man inside him will then continue to grow. The social life his girlfriend had back in college, that made him popular too, isn’t something he wants now. The thought that his wife isn’t entirely emotionally dependent upon him frightens him. While during college it was fun having a girlfriend who wasn’t ‘clingy’ emotionally, now the typical man will want a wife who is entirely emotionally dependent upon him.

Very soon, the thought that it was her constant support that made him a successful man will begin to haunt him. At this point in time, the Pakistani man will decide that the girl he had been dating all along was never marriage material . Enter mommy with a girl of her choice.  The Pakistani man will then settle down with a  girl who preferably went to an all-girls college, had a few (female only) friends, has little or no career ambitions and will stand by this man not because she wants to but because she has to.

And so, the cycle continues. In the process, countless girls who are far superior to these typical men get hurt. To all those brilliant young women out there, having someone tell you that you aren’t ‘marriage material’ should be taken as a compliment.