Karachi - Ambassador of Japan Hiroshi Inomata appreciated the efforts of Pakistan-Japan Business Forum.

While addressing a gathering of PJBF in Karachi he mentioned that while visiting Karachi and Lahore, he found PJBF was very active and well known.

In going through the list of members of the Northern Chapter, he indicated that he is very hopeful of more members joining as he has witnessed keen interest by traders and manufacturers in cities like Sialkot and Gujranwala from his recent visits. He expressed his hope that the forthcoming Joint Dialogue (JD) to be held next month and bringing a very high level delegation from Japan comprising of businessmen and government officials will prove to be beneficial for both Japan and Pakistan.

The dialogues are to take place in Karachi and in Islamabad and to include business-to-business (B2B) as well as government-to-government (G2G).

He asked the PJBF members to participate and take full advantage as authorities from both sides will take notice of the recommendations and suggestions that will be put forward at its conclusion.

Towards the JD, a comprehensive programme is being worked out by PJBF in association with its counterpart in Japan, Japan-Pakistan Business Cooperation Committee (JPBCC) headed by the Chairman of Marubeni Corporation, Taro Asada who himself will lead the Japanese delegation to Pakistan.

The meeting with the permission of the Chair, was called to a close by Jameel Hussain, Secretary General of PJBF.

A Bilateral Business Forum established in 2001 by business communities of Pakistan and Japan held its Annual General Meeting at local Mall in Karachi.

The patron in chief, Ambassador of Japan, Hiroshi Inomata presided with members of PJBF in attendance.

Welcoming the Ambassador, Chairman PJBF, Sohail P. Ahmed read out the Annual Report highlighting the performance during the preceding year.

He stressed upon the fact that PJBF is the leading Bilateral Forum with activities having far reaching influence on the bilateral business between the two countries. Trade delegations comprising of SME’s to Japan, Intra Forum interaction with member companies, networking sessions with dignitaries in the government, arranging of technical trainings in Japan for not only member companies but open to others, are some of the important events taking place regularly.

He also thanked the Ambassador for the help and cooperation extended by his mission in Islamabad as also Ambassador Farukh Amil, Pakistan’s Ambassador in Tokyo for their personal involvement in ensuring PJBF’s endevours meeting success.