According to a report dated May 6, 2015, the Asian Development Bank has asked our government to cut subsidies on electricity. This is malevolent advice, that the lending agencies are wont to give, to punish the people. Electricity is an essential commodity and no nation can survive without it. The governments of other nations planned for the future and increase in consumption of electricity, for this they came up with different projects that produced cheap electricity and made it available to their people at an affordable price but in our case the prices of electricity is rising and no arrangements have been made to produce it cheaply.

This has been a constant routine with all past and present governments; therefore they must pay subsidies on it. Every government promises abundant cheap electricity before they come into power, but once they have gained power nothing is done and no foreign bank forces them to make dams or provide cheap electricity. The international monetary agencies are there only to demand their pound of flesh. Nobody knows who will release the people of Pakistan from this albatross around their neck.

To rub salt into our wounds, the government has now asked Wapda, that this summer nobody’s bill should be less than what it was during the same month last year. Most people make arrangements to cut their consumption, after paying large dues, but the authorities have declare a haphazard and random way of collecting money. This is open fraud but the common man is held hostage by electricity companies, ‘pay or it will be discontinued!’ The people may soon rise in revolt if this order of the government is carried out by the electricity meter inspectors. This must be kept in mind that electricity theft on large scale can never be carried out without express complicity of electricity authorities and something needs to be done to rein in these authorities.


Muzaffargarh, May 6.