ISLAMABAD - Former Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab (PECP) has acknowledged that printing of ballot papers for the province was being done under his control and supervision.

“I have not added or reduced the number of ballot papers requested by Returning Officers (ROs) and District Returning Officers (DROs),” Mehboob Anwar, ex-PECP, said while replying to PTI counsel Abdul Hafiz Pirzada before the inquiry commission here on Tuesday.

Anwar accepted that the Election Commission of Pakistan gave instructions through a letter dated 18-04-13 to round up the figures of ballot papers, but there was no ECP instructions regarding excess printing of ballot papers in a polling station by percentage. The ECP had determined the uniform excess printing of ballot papers, he added. “I am not aware which were those four constituencies about them Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had demanded audit,” the ex-PECP told. He also said that it was not in his knowledge that from which constituencies Imran Khan, PTI chairman, Jahangir Tareen, PTI secretary general or PML-N leader Saad Rafiq contested general elections. “I have read in newspapers about Saad Rafiq constituency.” Replying to a question by PTI counsel, Anwar said it was incorrect to suggest that he had increased the number of ballot papers by another 15,000 in NA-154. Pirzada referring the ECP document said there registered votes in NA-154 were 370,150, while the RO requested for 385,400 ballot papers in that constituency

Pirzada while cross-examining the ex-PECP confronted to him a report, which is prepared by him. The Election Commission of Pakistan counsel had submitted the report before the commission, probing the allegations of rigging in general elections 2013.

The ex-PEC Punjab accepted that the report titled ‘Rebuttal to the allegations’, appeared in media, was prepared by him and whatever has been stated in it is believed to be true. He also conceded that the report is not dated. He said it is correct that he appended number of annexure, but at the moment are not attached with his report. Anwar said that he had prepared and submitted the report at ECP after the allegations were levelled against him by the PTI regarding printing of excess ballot papers. “For the first time such allegations were made against me.”

Pirzada confronted the ex-PECP with a list of constituencies in which PTI candidates contested the general elections but were defeated. The list showed the differences between the number of ballot papers printed and the requirement in the constituencies.