S:     Sometimes I wonder, which one of us has it worse?

A:     What do you mean?

S:     Well you’re a conformist, a traditionalist… you have to follow rules, and obey. I am an outcast, a heathen, who can’t voice his real opinion safely in public.

A:     Ah, the age old question… is anyone ever really free?

S:     I would like believe that I am free. That the mental freedom from custom and creed and societal norms is better.

A:     But I am free too, mentally. You think I am not, but I am.

S:     I think you can’t see how chained you are to customs that don’t matter you. Tell me, would you not allow your sister to go out to watch a movie with friends after 7 pm, if your father had not made you mentally accept and obey his rules?

A:     I would allow her for sure. But, she has to be home by midnight.

S:     Well here’s the problem. What gives you permission to allow or disallow her? Who made you the boss of her?

A:     Who made my father the boss of me? These are ways of the world. Without rules we would be killing each other.

S:     So for physical safety, we… no your and your kind, have given up mental and spiritual freedom?

A:     I see it as giving up hedonism for family and country.

S:     So fun and joy are unnecessary? But order is necessary?

A:     No doing the right thing is necessary. Freedom isn’t.