The death of five children of Qila Saifullah, aged between two to nine years because of outdated vaccination has raised many questions, however, Baluchistan Health Minister, Saleh Baloch appeared quite unruffled in a press conference and rejected the claim that death had been due to outdated vaccines. It made me indignant and I fail to find any logic, when the minster defended his negligence and said that another 18 children of Batuzai area had also been vaccinated, during the campaign but they were all in good health; only seven of them were afflicted with nausea and diarrhoea for some time. I would like to ask the health minister; was the vaccination expired, which were given to the dead five children? I would like to request that he not give such lame excuses but should have taken action against the people responsible for such negligence.


Islamabad, April 18.