ISLAMABAD: Around 43 Pakistanis today reached Islamabad, after they were deported by Saudi Arabia . The deportees lost their passports, while residing in the Kingdom.

Separately, three passengers were offloaded from a Brazil-bound flight after they were found possessing insufficient funds for travelling and other expenses there. Bilal Ahmed, Muhammad Imran and Arsalan Yaqub did not have hotel bookings either. 

Another passenger Abdul Rauf travelling to Malaysia, was also offloaded.

On the other hand, at least 500 Pakistani illegal immigrants are stuck in Turkey while on way to Greece. On Thursday, it was reported that they neither have travelling expenses nor food.

They had demanded the government to take notice of the issue and bring them back to Pakistan.

In 2014, about 21,000 Pakistanis who were in Europe without permission were ordered to return home. An estimated 50,000 Pakistanis travel legally to Europe for work each year.