PESHAWAR - The court on Thursday awarded five years imprisonment and fine of Rs 19, 33,843 to accused Akram who cut off nose of his 17-year-old wife, Seema over petty issue and then locked her in a room.  Seema at that time managed to escape from confinement after 20 days and reached her parents’ house.  She was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment and her husband was arrested by Kabal police.

“The Awakening” team upon learning about the incident from a social activist approached the victim Seema and immediately offered to provide free legal aid through its established “Dastageer Legal Aid Center” (DLAC), run with the support of The Asia Foundation (TAF).

Dastageer Legal Aid Center through its panel lawyer Sohail Sultan filed an FIR against the accused Akram. DLAC Swat’s team pursued Seema’s case on regular basis ensuring court representation in each hearing.

After the tireless efforts of DLAC Swat, Insaf Network Pakistan (INP) and TAF, the case was decided in favour of the victim Seema and justice was served.  The accused was found guilty and imprisoned for duration of five years and seven months and penalized with a fine of PKR 19, 33,843.  The Ministry of Human Rights of Pakistan also provided financial aid to Seema through the efforts of DLAC Swat.

The survivor, Seema said “I was hopeless at that time that I had lost one of my body parts and I will never be able to see myself in the mirror again, I lost my home, my family and my life but I am very thankful to the Dastageer Legal Aid Center Swat of “The Awakening” that they encouraged me and provided free legal aid and assistance. Also I am very thankful to the court of law for making a fair decision in this case.”

This decision will encourage the girls that are suffering from violence to raise their voice against such cruelty, she said.