This is in apropos to Dawn Letter Online Pension (April 1, 2016), requesting for Pension Payment through old Manual Voucher method, in which pensioners go to the National Bank of Pakistan along with Pension Book and supporting Pension Payment Voucher and receive monthly pension. This old manual system of Pension has given titanic loss to the Government kitty in terms of ghost pensioners.

It’s worth mentioning here that Khyber Pakhunkhwa has 160000 of Pensioners. Government of Pakistan wants to facilitate pensioners to get pension through Direct Credit system. This is one of the most laudable steps by the Government to plug the loopholes of ghost pensioners. Through DCS, pensioner’s records are put on SAP (System Application Product), providing live certificate, Non Marriage certificate (For Women), indemnity bond on thirty rupees stamp papers and filling DCS Form.

Providing these documents, after detail verifications by the Accountant General Office or District Accounts Office, Pension will be credited to the Pensioners Bank Account in any bank in Pakistan. Pensioners will get their pension amount through Cheques book or ATM Debit Card anywhere and anytime.

I know, taking initiative of DCS, in inception, it would be very difficult for pensioners but i am of the opinion that it was intended to ameliorate the Payment of Pensioners.


Nowshera, April 2.