Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was a brave man who faced death threats first in June 2010 when he was told that he would be beheaded if he attempted to change the blasphemy laws. In response, he had held his ground and told reporters that he was “committed to the principle of justice for the people of Pakistan” and willing to die fighting for Noreen’s release. On 2 March 2011, Mr. Bhatti was shot dead by gunmen who ambushed his car near his residence in Islamabad, ostensibly because of his position on the blasphemy laws. He had been the only Christian member of Pakistan’s cabinet at the time and was vocally supportive of minorities going through such ordeals. Currently a large number of Christians in the village of Chakk 44, Mandi Bahauddin District, Gojra Thaana locality face persecution and threats from the area locals on allegations of blasphemy. All food and other supplies to them have been cut off since the start of the incident six days ago and so far, there has been no response to their plea for help and protection. It is in moments like these that Pakistan sorely needs people to step up and take responsibility like Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti.