LAHORE - Most of the residents living across the national highways are not using overhead bridges built at various points, which imperils their life and have led fatal accidents.

In the year of 2015 pedestrian deaths account 10 on national highway. This is said by DIG Mirza Faran Baig while observing special briefing and educational campaign about pedestrian crossing.

Biag said NH&MP is doing their best to educate the road users about pedestrian crossing and different sign boards have been installed to guide the road users. Most of the pedestrians prefer short-cut, avoid use of these overhead bridges and face road accidents, he added. He further said Motorway Police would continue efforts to educate the road users with all possible means.

He said during the campaign road safety briefing would impart to pedestrians to cross the road via overhead bridge. In order to attract the people to use overhead bridge for road crossing NH&MP is utilising schoolchildren as tool of awareness to convey effective message to the pedestrian.

Motorway Police officers will make sure their presence to focus the rush hours like prayer timing, school, factories, offices opening & closing hours.

Moreover, a special meeting has been held between NHA authorities and Sector Commander SSP Masoor Alam Kolachi to improve the infrastructure of overhead bridges.

DIG also requested the people to use overhead bridges as they were erected for their safety.