JAKARTA:- A Sumatran rhino gave birth to a female calf at a sanctuary in Indonesia on Thursday, taking the critically endangered species a step further away from extinction. The baby was born at 5:40 am on western Sumatra island, and within hours was walking around and feeding from its mother, authorities said. It was the second baby born to rhino Ratu. Her previous birth four years ago marked the first time a Sumatran rhino had been born in an Asian breeding facility for more than 140 years.–AFP

The new calf and Ratu, whose name means "Queen" in Indonesian, were both in good health although the mother looked "exhausted", the government said. "We are very thankful for this birth, as Sumatran rhinos are rare animals," environment ministry spokesman Novrizal Tahar told AFP.

Ratu was observed stretching in her maternity pen in recent days, a signal her long-anticipated delivery was nearing. The birth took around two hours. Just two hours after being born, the calf - which has not yet been named - began walking and feeding, according a statement from the forestry ministry.