If I could get a dollar for every time I have heard people around me complaining about insomnia, I could have cruised in the majestic Titanic around the world by now. And this is no exaggeration.

This cruel world and the tides of crises are literally affecting our health, irrespective of age. Be it an old adult or a youngster, everyone find themselves restless and sleepless amidst the problems. Every person you meet has a story of their own that troubles them in the dark of the nights and makes the heaviness in the eyes disappear.

I, myself, have suffered from insomnia on a lot of nights, to be honest. Being a writer is not easy, especially when you have switched your career. Over-thinking plays an important part in development of insomnia and I’d say the female population is more affected by this factor. Besides that, menstrual cycles and menopause also causes insomnia among women, as per womenshealth.gov. The hormonal changes during pregnancy, the leg cramps, discomfort, physical and emotional changes etc also contribute in the lack of sleep. Thus it is fair to say that women are more likely to suffer from insomnia than men.

Among men, however, according to eunatural.com, the root causes of insomnia are high stress levels that are borne because of financial, health or family issues, unhealthy eating habits, the use of drugs and stimulants, infrequent activities and an unhealthy sleeping environment.

Do you know, if insomnia is not treated and controlled, it can lead to chronic insomnia which in turn can be a major cause for early death, especially among men? Yikes.

So the question arises: How to deal with insomnia and combat its disastrous effects? Try out the following tricks to beat your sleeping disorder.

Better sleeping environment: If your bedroom is the centre of chaos and noise it’ll definitely have a negative effect on your sleep. Make your bedroom more comfortable and cozy. The temperature of your bedroom must be optimal and pleasant. Another important factor that often gets ignored is the bedroom smell which disrupts the sleep intensely. Here are a few ways to make your bedroom smell better and some few DIY tricks to make your own fragrances.

Avoid stimulants: According to WebMd.com, stimulants like caffeine and nicotine can have a severe impact on your sleep because their effects last for several hours. So completely avoid smoking or drinking coffee before you go to bed. A lot of medications like asthma inhalers and decongestants also cause frequent arousals so consult your doctor about it.

Limit activities before sleeping: This means: No television, internet, music, studies, movies, chatting or calling before you got to bed. Your bedroom should be devoid of all such electronics that can cause difficulty in falling asleep. Mental relaxation is the key to beat insomnia.

Maintain a sleeping schedule: Try waking up at the same time every day and maintain a good sleeping schedule. Avoid lazing around in bed more than is necessary. Snoozing the alarm for 10 minutes is okay but not for 2 hours consistently. Your body needs to be trained to adjust to a pattern no matter how much the weekend sleep lures you into its trap.

Avoid consumption of food before bed or…: As per the advices by experts at WebMD.com, drinking and eating before bed should be entirely avoided because it activates the digestive system and keeps you awake for hours. It can also cause you to go bathrooms at the oddest times. But, if you are extremely hungry, try eating these special snacks published in The Huffington Post, to ensure that you do not suffer from insomnia.

Mitigate the stressful feelings and stop worrying: Stop thinking about tomorrow’s office events or the much anticipated calls or interviews before going to bed. It won’t help you one bit and instead, just evaporate the sleep from your mind and cause you to lay awake for hours. This will only make you more tired the next day. Find another time to make plans or set goals. Do not make mental lists of the to-do tasks before bed to eliminate insomniac issues. Secondly, learn to reduce the stress and try out various relaxation therapies available online. Your mind needs to be fully relaxed before you go to bed.  Try the following: breathing exercise, world’s best relaxing tune for fighting insomnia and 10 apps that will help you sleep better.

Sweet dreams!