KHYBER AGENCY:- Large number of Afghan citizens took refuge in different parts of Landi Kotal bazaar as the Torkham border remained closed for third day consecutive day. The official said that the high-ups of Pakistan and Afghanistan met for the 4th phase of dialogues to resolve the border issue but failed to produce positive result. As result for the last three days dozens of Afghan nationals including women, children and patients who were stuck due to tension developed on the border between Pak and Afghan officials, took shelter in under construction buildings, verandas and other shades in Landi Kotal bazaar.–Ahmad Nabi

Although the local tribesmen provided them food, water and other necessities but they were displeased with the endless uncertain situation developed on the border between the neighbourly countries.

The Afghan national said that they had stayed in the bazaar with the hope that border would open soon and they would return to their native villages.

For the last 36 hours they were waiting in loaded trucks on Landi Kotal-Torkham road to cross the border to Afghanistan, they lamented.