LAHORE: A young woman refused to even see her mother outside a courtroom after she was allowed by a LHC Judge to continue their love marriage.

Yasmeen, a resident of Kharian, Gujrat district, told the judge that she was not kidnapped by any person; she married her teacher namely Shafqat with her consent and was living happily. She recorded statement after police produced the couple before the court.

After her reply, the court dismissed the petition of her father Talib Hussain and allowed the young lady to continue the marriage. As Yasmeen came out of the courtroom, her mother asked her to meet her but she abruptly refused to see her. On it, her mother fainted.

Yasmeen wed Shafqat, a school teacher in Kharian, and left her parents home.

Earlier, Talib Hussain, father of Yasmeen, filed petition before the Lahore High Court and submitted that his daughter Yasmeen was illegally abducted by Shafqat. He prayed to the court to order police to produce his daughter before the court.