LAHORE - A PML-N lawmaker Friday announced that he would soon quit the party as he was ashamed of poor performance of the Pakistan International Airlines. An Islamabad-bound PIA flight made an emergency landing at Lahore airport after a ‘bird hit it’. Passengers refused to leave the plane as the management planned to take them to Islamabad by road. They staged a strong protest against the PIA staff and cursed the management of the national flag carrier.  The protesting passengers tried to enter the cockpit, but the pilot locked himself inside. Later, he called PML-N MNA Shahabuddin in to woo the passengers.  Shahab told the passengers onboard that earlier he was informed that bad weather in Islamabad compelled the pilot to crash land but later a bird-hit incident was cited as the reason. “I’ m ashamed of poor service of the national flag carrier. I will soon form my own party,” he said. The plane was also carrying two coffins that were transported to Islamabad by ambulances.