As Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) has been formed since 1973 but it has failed to bring crucial change in exam conducting system. It is in need of time to carry a few important changes before conducting next exam: expected June of this year. Seeking the students’ reservation, we have pointed out some basic suggestions for BPSC; which need to bring the quick change. 

First and fore-most, BPSC should issue after declaring the result of any important exam. As we have observed that FBSC issues the report after declaring the result of competitive exam. The report contains or highlights the all weaknesses of student while attempting subjects; compiled by relevant paper checkers. The students tally the report before taking another competitive exam. should bring such kind of reform to overcome students’ chances to go wrong upcoming exam(s). Additionally, clarifying the syllabus of PCS exam is among the most momentous step. Usually, students are confused to opt for any subject as there is no cleared and defined syllabus for students. This syllabus put the students into confusion while selecting career making subjects. BPSC can provide helps to competitor through expounding the syllabus. 

Last but not least, BPSC should include more subjects to the defined syllabus for facilitating the pupils of relevant fields. For instance, Computer Science is absent as subject in the syllabus of BPSC. CS students are compelled to choose another irrelevant subject as optional(s). These students have to confront varies challenges while preparing the opted new subjects. 

However, we strongly appeal to honorable chairman of BPSC that he should take positive measure to set things in order by applying the above or any other positive remedies. 


Balochistan, April 19.