Ever since Prime Minister Imran Khan came into Pakistan’s politics, he has been using cricket metaphors in his speeches outlaying the performance of the country, which is completely unsuitable in my opinion. Politics is primarily an art of performance of the country’s government, whereas cricket is just a game. The economy of a country is a very serious matter because the latter touches almost everybody’s life.

As a cricket team, you may lose a match today and win the next match tomorrow or after a few days. But as a political team, if you fail the country’s economy, you can’t revive it in a short time. You would need a very long time to repair the economic damage caused due to wrong policies. I believe we have not yet been able to repair economic damages caused to Pakistan due to the wrong policy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the People’s Party’s government of nationalisation of major industries in the year 1972 about 48 years ago.

In cricket, the captain may sometimes take risky decisions to win a match but you can’t take chances with the country’s economy because if it is weakened it will have many serious implications including endangering country’s security.


Lahore, April 21.