The recent announcement by the government to cut off the Higher Education Commission (HEC) funds in the next budget brought much distress among the poorer students. Many universities have issued notices to those of students being facilitated by scholarships to pay their dues on their own from now on.

Surely, this will deprive many students of particularly Balochistan and FATA from approaching quality education in Punjab and the federal capital of Islamabad. Also, this will enhance the gap and disintegration between the provinces since many poor students of Balochistan and FATA are recently getting education in the province of Punjab on reserved seats.

Moreover, the decision of withdrawing scholarships will deprive the students whose only source of income to continue their studies is HEC scholarships.

Thus, it is a cordial request to Prime Minister, Mr Khan to review his decision of cutting off the funds of HEC that is facilitating many underprivileged students in their studies.


Lahore, April 21.