Jamaal Jalibi, who was one of the most famous writers, critics, linguists and scholars of Urdu literature, left the temporary world forever. His contributions and efforts for the progress of Urdu language are unforgettable.

He was born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, on 12 June 1929. At the time of partition of the Sub-Continent, he migrated to Karachi. He had a keen interest in acquiring knowledge in different fields; therefore, he did his Bachelor of Arts from Meerot College. After coming in Karachi, he continued his career of education in Sindh University where he received the degree of Master of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and PhD.

Apart from being a literary figure, he also accomplished several other achievements as he worked in Income Tax Department of Pakistan and remained the then vice-Chancellor of Karachi University from 1983 till 1987. He was the chairman of the National Language Authority too.

He served four years as a co-editor of an Urdu magazine named “Saqi”, founded by Shahid Ahmed Dehlvi. For further prosperity of Urdu, he established his own quarterly magazine named “Naya Daur”.

Some of the most famous publications by him are “Tanqeed aur Tajarba” (criticism and experience), Adab Culture and masa’el (literature culture and problems), Maasir-e-adab (Contemporaries of literature), Quami Zuban (National language), Tareekh-e-Urdu adab (History of Urdu language) and many more.

Thus, his praiseworthy contributions and struggles for the improvement of our national language are remembered till the universe exists.


Turbat, April 21.