FAISALABAD - The agriculture experts have advised the growers to start cultivation of cotton crops immediately and complete it up to May 31, to get bumper yield. According to a spokesman of agriculture department, cotton was a cash crop and called “White Gold”, therefore, farmers should cultivate it on maximum space by using approved varieties. Among approved varieties of cotton include CIM-496, CIM-506, CIM-554, CIM-573, MNH-786, CRSM-38, PH-167, FH-942, NIAB-852, NIAB-777, NIAB-846, SLH-317 etc. The growers should use six kilogram healthy seed to keep number of cotton plants from 23000 to 35000 per acre as this number was imperative to obtain average yield.

More information in this regard can be obtained from agri free helpline 0800-15000 and 0800-29000, he added.