SWAT                    -                 In order to control surge in prices of es­sential commodities during Ramazan, Depu­ty Commissioner Swat Saqib Raza Aslam have checked various grocery markets in different lo­cations in Mingora.

The Deputy Commis­sioner checked rates and quality of commodities with giving instructions to shopkeepers to wear face masks, hand-gloves and follow the govern­ment SOPs regarding the coronavirus. He said that the number of price con­trol members has been increased to discourage profiteering and hoard­ing of essential commod­ities, adding that all price control members should ensure their presence in the assigned markets to ascertaine quality of food and to make sure that commodities are be­ing sold at official rates.

The DC also instruct­ed all Assistant Commis­sioners to check rates of groceries on daily basis in their respective juris­dictions and ensure the government’s SOPs re­gading containing coro­navirus.

He urged the citizens to cooperate with the district administration and follow the instruc­tions while visiting markets for shopping purpose.