islamabad                  -              Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but as Coco Chanel said: ‘a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls’ which is why we saw the pearl making its way into collections all over the globe.

They’re luminesecent nature resembles the glow much like the Moon. Hussain Rehar has used nature as inspiration to work on his new line called  “Daughter of the Moon” as a way for women to disipher that no matter what, there is the moon who is like a mother taking care of her daughters through thick and tough times. She is always watching over you and illuminating her light on to you. Sticking with the idea of embedding modern into a traditional mix, his new line of a 16 piece pearl-studded range is the new best friend every diva in town was missing.

The clothes are embellished with pearls throughout and the colour palette is definitely centred on the humble and soft sheen of the pearl, reminding you of the glowing moon. Hence the name Daughter of the Moon.

The entire lineup consists of 16 pieces of silk shirts, silk pants and organza dupattas decorated with very simple lines flowing fully with their pearly garlands. The colours, most prominent of which is the ivory hue, seem to have been selected specifically for their monogamous marriage of the moons soft glow and the pearls dulled out the sheen, accentuated by the spectrum reflected off of the pearls throughout.

Recently, pearls have made their way to the front line, as main decorations and attraction pieces for all things fashion. However, With Rehar’s line up, it’s obvious that the clustered pearl jewellery, all hand-made, means to highlight the use of pearls as the main attraction, pushing the envelope of experimenting with iridescence, making the design of the clothes turn heads just as much the flow and fall of the clothes themselves. With the summer not holding back this time around, the open, loosely-stitched pieces are a deserved sigh of relief for every fashion diva.