PESHAWAR                   -              The crowded mosques and markets with follow­ing no SOPs in many dis­tricts of KP is likely to push the province into a worse state.

Following the move of the government to ease the lockdown, thousands of masses with no pre­cautionary measures have been rushing to the mosques and markets in several districts of KP.

The capital of province Peshawar is already the worst district in terms of more deaths and con­firmed corona cases; however, despite the fre­quent warnings of the government and health experts the masses are yet to follow the direc­tives completely.

While talking to The Nation Naseem Afridi, a businessman hailing from Peshawar, said that the people were very careless in adapting the SOPs during their visit to mosques or markets.

He stated that the gov­ernment should review its move on relaxing the lockdown as the masses will never adopt the SOPs fixed by the government.

Meanwhile, a senior of­ficial from Peshawar ad­ministration told The Na­tion that the violations of SOPs for mosques dur­ing Taraweeh and Friday prayers all over the prov­ince and particularly in Peshawar was a usual act and despite the frequent warnings the masses are paying no heed towards the directives of the gov­ernment.

It is pertinent to men­tion that in a latest re­port it was said that the death ratio in the Pe­shawar was high and stood at 8.75 per cent and the positive cases in the province were 14.9 per cent while the ra­tio of deaths stood at 34 per cent. KP’s death ratio of 5.19 per cent was the highest in the country as compared to national av­erage of 2.1 per cent.

Same is the situation in Nowshera as the markets are full of visitors and the administration is help­less to curb them or make them follow the SOPs.

According to the latest report, hundreds of peo­ple have been visiting the mosques including elderly people and chil­dren and such attitude of the people has creat­ed a sense of uncertainty among many.

Meanwhile, in Swat the second most affected re­gion of KP, is heading to­wards the worst possible situation as many mar­kets and mosques which are witnessing huge rush with no precautionary measures and the ad­ministration and reli­gious clerics are yet to convince masses to stay home or follow the SOPs.

It is important here to mention that the ear­lier reports had asked the provincial govern­ment to strictly imple­ment SOPs for mosques and markets and have a consensus with local community and mosque committees to take masses into confidence.