LAHORE                    -               Punjab Assembly on Tuesday unanimously adopted two resolutions including the one relating to Khatam-e-Nabuwat (PBUH). The House also passed Green International University Bill. The House was told that the government has so far achieved 72 per cent of the wheat procurement target.

The session started one hour and 20 minutes behind the scheduled time with panel of chairman Mian Shafi in the chair. Speaker Ch Parvez Elahi conducted the proceedings during the latter half of the sitting.

After suspension of rules of business, minister Raja Yasir Humayoun presented an out of turn resolution that urged the federal government to trace elements involved in making failed attempts to include Ahmedis in National Minorities Commission.

Through the resolution, he said that there were incidences of bringing changes in Haj forms and textbooks but no one was held accountable for these attempts. He said Sikhs, Christians and Hindus were part of commission and there was no harm in inclusion of Ahmedis provided they accept the constitution and accept them non-Muslims. Ch Parvez Elahi said that majority of cabinet members had opposed inclusion of Ahmedis in the commission.

He said that Ahmedis could not be included in the commission until their head accept Ahmedis a minority. The House unanimously adopted the resolution. The House also passed the resolution that paid glowing tributes to Raja Ashfaq Sarwar for his role in the assembly and services for the democracy. PML-N’s Rana Muhammad Iqbal moved the resolution that was passed with unanimous vote.

PML-N’s Khadija Umar presented Green International University Bill which was also passed unanimously.

During question hour on Food Department, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that 72 per cent target of wheat procurement has been achieved. He expressed hope that target of procuring 4.5 million matric ton wheat would be achieved well before the deadline. He said that 92 per cent bardana had been distributed among growers.  He said that he was personally monitoring the wheat procurement process for ensuring transparency in distribution of bardana and timely payment to farmers. He said that Punjab would also meet the wheat requirement of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He said procurement of additional 5 lac metric tonnes wheat was also under consideration to cope with any extraordinary situation. He said the government was taking measures for checking illegal transportation of wheat besides indiscriminate action against hoarders.

On completion of agenda, the chair prorouged the session.