LAHORE-Online launching ceremony of 2020 Zhejiang Export Online Fair (Pakistan station-hardware & electromechanical products) was held Tuesday in Hangzhou (China) which will see 300 rounds of online trade communication between more than 150 enterprises from Zhejiang and Pakistan during the next five days. This online exhibition is a new attempt to diversify and digitize the trade mode between Zhejiang and Pakistan. At the moment of the epidemic, “professional, accurate and efficient” online exhibition is a bridge to consolidate the friendship between Pakistan and Zhejiang, and also an ideal platform to display “quality Zhejiang products”.

Han Jie, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Director and first-class inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Wang Zhihua, Counsellor of business and economic reference Office of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Muhammad Sohail Qadri, Deputy Director of investment and Trade Bureau of Punjab province, Dr. Muhammad Arshad, Vice President of Pakistan Federation of industry and commerce (FPCCI), M. Salahuddin Hanif, Secretary General of Pakistan China Federation of industry and commerce, Muhammad Nadeem Zafar, vice president of Pakistan Hardware Association and others attended the online opening ceremony.

The exhibition will set up a bridge for trade between hardware and electrical industry enterprises in Zhejiang Province and professional buyers in Pakistan through offline supply and demand information matching, online precise docking, and cloud video network technology. One Belt- One Road initiative and China Pakistan Economic Corridor has been developing vigorously in recent years. China and Pakistan have carried out in-depth mutually beneficial cooperation in trade, investment, project contracting, economy and technology and other fields. At present, China is Pakistan’s largest trading partner and has become Pakistan’s largest source of foreign direct investment for six consecutive years.

There has been a number of successful cases of economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang Province and Pakistan. The focus of industrial cooperation is on mechanical and electrical engineering, modern agricultural logistics and many other aspects, with bilateral trade volume reaching 4 billion US dollars.

With the increasingly close cooperation between China and Pakistan, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce holds Pakistan online trade fair for the first time when global trade is affected by the epidemic of pneumonia, aiming to promote the trade interaction between China and Pakistan through digital technology and make “Quality Zhejiang Products” entry in the South Asian market, bringing new opportunities for Zhejiang hardware and electrical industry enterprises to support Pakistan. From the beginning of the preparation of the exhibition, the quality of Zhejiang products connected to Pakistan has been highly valued by the hardware and electrical industry and the Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan. The purchasers range from industry associations, chambers of Commerce to various traders. At the same time, 85% of the purchasers participated in the online exhibition are CEOs.