It is said that the nations whose people prefer personal goals to the national causes are liable to be wiped out from the map. Understanding of the national interest requires oneness of mind and heart and total disregard for one's own comforts. I am very clear that the national cause cannot be infused in a person; it has to be realized by the individual himself. It is the duty of every citizen to work in the national interest. It requires consciousness from core of the heart. If we think for a minute about what our dearest country Pakistan has given us, our identity and independence above all, we should be prepared to do anything, just about anything for it. Pakistan has given us a place where we can live unreservedly according to our own wills, customs and traditions but, in retrospect, what have we given to Pakistan? Poverty? Injustice? Water shortage? Electricity shortage? Bomb blasts? Terrorism? All these problems cannot be solved by the government alone. Every citizen has to contribute towards solving these problems to save this country from external and internal threats. For that, he must disregard all personal goals. God has created this country to endure and endure it must. Today we should all make a promise to ourselves that we would work for our beloved country no matter what it takes. May God help us in creating a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan Amen. -SHAHERYAR KHAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, October 28.