Half a century of establishment fascism has destroyed all national institution in the country. From August 14, 1947 till October 07, 1958 the founding fathers worked tirelessly to build the foundations of a new nation based on democratic order. The first desi Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces put the nascent democracy in a spin from which recovery has not been easy. The exit of the fourth tyrant on August 18, 2008 has kindled some hope for the people of Pakistan. PML-N celebrated October 12, 2008 as the Defence of Democracy Day. The struggle for people's power continues. PPP was formed in the sixties by ZAB as an antiestablishment force. He challenged the hegemony of establishment fascism with people's power. PPP has solid political credentials based on struggle and sacrifice. Four Bhuttos have fallen fighting for democracy (ZAB, Shahnawaz, Murtaza, Benazir) while the PPP was fighting the evil empire, the agencies put together an alliance called IJI of which Nawaz and his League was a major component. Nawaz Sharif emerged on the political horizon as an establishment politician. He was surrounded by opportunists and toadies mainly from his home province of Punjab. He was presented as an alternative to BB as a national leader. He gradually move out of the establishment stranglehold when he challenged the presidency of Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK). Eventually, his government was dismissed by GIK but the SC under Dr Nasim Hassan Shah restored it. The battle lines had been drawn. General Kakar the then COAS proposed a compromise under which both the president and PM had to resign followed by elections. It was the end of GIK's political innings and Mian Sahib continued on his democratic path. When his government was restored he visited the grave of Zia and promised to fulfil his mission. In response I wrote an article Victory of Restoration which was published in The Nation in which I request him to define his mission. But before he could do that he had to resign. From an establishment politician to a genuine nation leader Mian Sahib has come a long way. Perhaps he has fully understood the establishment mindset. In fifty years lot of lessons should have been learnt. A country created by the ballot has been controlled by the bullet. Dictators have destroyed Pakistan through establishment fascism and manipulation. The two main stream parties (PPP, PML-N) have finally learnt to co-exist after signing the Charter of Democracy (COD). Musharraf the all-powerful dictator could not stand the combined onslaught of the democratic order and resigned sheepishly but without exposing the establishment's mistakes and anti-people agenda. For democracy to take root it is mandatory that the two main political parties should fully expose the establishment designs and its destruction of national institutions. The lawyers believe that it is their movement that has changed the course of the nation and has made it possible for the exiled political leadership to return. In the last fifty years the role of the judiciary has been marginal. The long march in June 2008 was a historic event that galvanised the nation. The march ultimately brought the dictator down but could not restore the judges. The struggle continues for the rule of law and constitution but has to gain steam. The year 2008 is now moving towards its end, but the nation faces myriads of problems created mainly by the establishment mismanagement. While we must learn from our mistakes, life goes on and the needs of the nation have to be satisfied. The mess can only be cleared by sustained leadership of elected representatives. The political forces must work together to clear the debris of fascism. Today the journey of Pakistan has been restarted; we are back to 1947 after 50 years of detour. Nation building has to start all over again. With weakened spirit and poor leadership the task at hand is not easy but we must pool-in all our resources and give our best try. As a nation we have survived against odds and with losses there have been successes as well. In the words of Imran Khan, we should assemble the best available team and face the challenges with dignity and strength. In 2008 we should bury the establishment fascism for all times to comes and move on the democratic path to progress and prosperity slowly but surely. Short cuts to glory have been disastrous in the last five decades. The writer is ex-chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation