Heavy traffic from five different roads passes through Katchehry Chowk, Rawalpindi. In addition to routine gridlocks at this Chowk, massive traffic jams occur regularly in this area, especially due to VVIP movement and, in recent times, due to lawyers' rallies including the one on November 03, 2008. The inconvenience to commuters, including patients and school children, can be well imagined. Routine traffic jams can be minimized and complete traffic blockade can be avoided if a traffic light is installed here and the road is widened especially near the railway overhead bridge on Jhelum Road, Rawalpindi. It will enable the traffic police to direct traffic on the five roads to bypass the Katchehry Chowk by utilizing Fort Road, Jail Road, Jhanda Chichi Road and Police Lines Road, as and when required. -ENGR. M. AKRAM NIAZI, Rawalpindi, November 3.