General James N. Mattis, Commander United States Central Command has said that Pakistan itself has to decide the time of launching offensive in North Waziristan or any place else adding that Pakistan is well aware of US concerns over secret hideouts of Al-Qaeda, General Mattis expressed these views while meeting with Pakistani military leadership. Defense sources told Online that the US general met with Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee Gen Khalid Shameem Wayne, Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and chiefs of intelligence agencies During the course of these meetings matters related to cooperation between US and Pakistani intelligence agencies and army for elimination of terrorism were discussed in length. Both sides agreed to enhance cooperation and intelligence sharing for fighting the threat of terrorism which is inevitable for peace and stability in the region. Sources said that the US general left the decision of time frame for offensive in Nwa up to the Pakistani military leadership and conceded that Pakistani army is in better position to know the ground realities and the geographical importance of the area. Sources told that the military leadership reiterated their concern and opposition against the drone strikes and stressed that US should provide drone technology to Pakistan so that the Pakistani forces themselves could target the terrorists hideout. During the course of the meetings impact of reconciliation process with Taliban in Afghanistan on Pakistan was also discussed and Pakistan stressed that all Afghan tribes should be included in the reconciliation process and its ownership should lie with the Afghan govt. Stress was also made that Pakistan should be taken on board on any development in Afghanistan as it has direct impact on Pakistan . General Mattis assured that all developments in Afghanistan would be discussed with Pakistan and also admitted that without Pakistans cooperation the war against terror cannot be won. He also said that US is well aware of Pakistani military needs in this war and it would enhance the capabilities of Pakistani armed forces and intelligence sharing would be enhanced so that secret terrorists hideout existing along Pak-Afghan border could be eliminated.