Former chief of National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB) General (r) Danyal is currently on mysterious tour of Sindh. He is trying to get support for retaining General Musharrafs LB System and giving impression that it was in favour of Sindh. It was fact the three provinces out of four namely Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkuwa and Balochistan have reverted to old system of LB 1979 whereas Sindh Assembly had already passed the Bill that later became Act. If General Danyal sees that the said system was better for country, he should launch his campaign from larger province Punjab. Trying to create chaos on his part in sensitive Sindh province is highly regrettable. If the General is such a well wisher of Sindh as he claimed in his various press statements, I ask him where was he when during his tenure, the five districts of Karachi were merged into one with population of almost 17.5 million by creating one district and Hyderabad comparatively a small district with population of 2.2 million was divided into four districts (average 0.55 million population), and people of Sindh had launched a movement against ethnic divide? At least he should have expressed sympathy with the people of Sindh but he did not. Now his so-called sympathy with the people of Sindh shows, he is playing a game in sensitive parts of Sindh for his sinister designs. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, November 9.