Rolling towards LG elections on a roller coaster at a breakneck speed which seems to be the case at present might take us to the finish line, just like that but only to crash and burn. Sadly, that seemed to be the fait accompli when the Supreme Court on Tuesday turned down the ECP’s petition for delaying the LG polls by four months. And the same day National Assembly passed a resolution, its second in a week seeking ample time to be able to hold the polls flawlessly.

What next? If the polls held according to the given timeline by the Supreme court, but obviously in a haphazard way given the prevailing lacunae will not have been resolved by the time the elections will be held. This haste is a recipe for throwing doubts on their credibility and possibly ushering in a new era of crisis and political uncertainty.

In principle the Apex court is perfectly alright in saying that the polls, being an integral part of the democratic process need to be held as early as possible but rushing the country into it is also not the way to go about it. The court's intentions are welcome, but also after the current Chief Justice's tenure ends, let us not forget we will God willing have a new CJ, who in all conscience would be of impeccable character and calibre to be trusted with carrying on with the job of dispensation of justice in general and also seeing to it that the LG polls are held lawfully. For, to expect that the chapter of illustrious activism will end once the CJ retires adds up to losing faith in judiciary.

In Punjab, for instance the delimitations have been done on an extensive scale and so churning out voters’ list according to these new delimitations cannot be done in just a couple of weeks. Printing of millions of ballot papers is likewise a gruelling job all the more so when their final version has yet to be agreed. We do not want elections whose credibility is marred by allegations of bogus votes and rigging forced down democracy’s throat. To avoid that, the ECP (which still has the option of review petition), National and provincial assemblies’ plea to have more time should be accepted. Often thought to be the very kernel of democracy, Local Bodies have eluded us. And when we had it incorporated into the system it was in a twisted form. Doing that again we can ill-afford.