Pakistan is facing a population explosion, along with rapid decline in agriculture produce, an economic crisis going from bad to worse because of self created crippling energy shortages, massive flight of capital and human resources and an impending water scarcity staring us in face. As a nation we failed to heed advice of Quaid-i-Azam, who while addressing the first Constituent Assembly warned us to come down with an iron hand to eradicate the curse of bribery and corruption, which like a cancer will destroy foundations of state. What we did was patronize corruption and gave legal cover to the plunders of our state assets and lands.

It is shocking that under the garb of building welfare housing societies and concrete farm houses, the green belts and trees that have existed for centuries around the periphery of our cities and towns, are vanishing overnight, not because of drought, but because of insatiable greed of our paid khaki and civil bureaucratic elite, powerful land mafia and few politicians who stand to benefit.

This country is considered breeding ground for terrorism because massive inflation is creating a perfect environment for recruiting desperate poor, who cannot afford even one meal a day. The choice for establishment of this country is either to continue with this institutionalized corruption, creating conditions for collapse of state from within, or else immediately to ban conversion of green cultivable lands into concrete jungles for perceived welfare of its paid public servants.

In any case large majority of beneficiaries of this extravagance, have already abandoned this country, they have taken foreign nationalities and are in the process of transferring all their assets to these safe havens, for they are convinced that after what they have done to this country, its chances for survival as a sovereign state have decreased.


Lahore, November 10.