Media reported that Tahreeki-Taliban Pakistan leader Hakimullah Mahsud was killed in a drone strike which may put a halt to the peace talks between the government and the TTP. Pakistan has made its position clear that drone strikes constitute a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, violates the international humanitarian laws, besides being counter-productive for Pakistan’s efforts to bring peace and stability in Pakistan and the region. But if we look at the brighter side, I think that the drones have done great service in eliminating the terrorists groups from this region.

October 11, 2013 was the day when another senior commander of TTP and Hakimullah Mahsud’s right hand Latifullah Mahsud was captured in Afghanistan by the US forces, later on he was shifted to an undisclosed location. Some sources stated that he might have been taken to Guantanamo bay. If the Taliban are complaining about the drone strikes and they are relating the strikes issue with peace talks, that means, they are really getting pinched by the ruthless but bleeding edge technology! TTP’s top carders contains not more than two or three dozen people, who can be easily wiped off the face of the earth within a few weeks. Their only strength is in the other small militant groups which have not joined the TTP, they are not their partners but they do support the organization to a certain extent. But once these top commanders are sent to Kingdom Come, the rest will beg forgiveness for the rest of their lives and will not even in their wildest dreams think of ever turning to killing innocent people.

Most of the times, the groups do not accept TTP on certain issues and they do have differences and divisions. This has been seen in the past couple of months that TTP itself is losing support by other groups and the selection of the new commander in chief of TTP is another example. Militant groups are getting confused day by day, they really are losing each other’s support, hence it is the right time to get at their network and demolish it.  There are some groups who support peace talks with the government but most of them are still against it. So the question still remains who are we going to talk to? The incident may create a distortion in peace talks, but will never ever be abandoned because ultimately the Taliban themselves feel that they don’t have any other option.

Some reports published in international media state that the majority of militant groups based in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or some other countries in Africa, which were being financed by some countries; are now facing financial difficulties. Hence it’s now or never. Is anybody listening?


Islamabad, November 2.