A total of 46,756 houses have been damaged in the recent earthquake in Balochistan including 32,638 completely and 14,118 partially, says latest data released by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Wednesday.

According to breakup, 12,961 houses have been damaged completely and 6,151 partially in Mashkai. Likewise 411 houses have completely been damaged and 95 partially in Mangoli, 12,422 house damaged completely and 4,792 partially in Awaran, 6,844 houses damaged completely and 3,080 partially in Malar/Dandar. In the devastating earthquake, a total of 386 people have died and 816 sustained injuries including 136 deaths and 125 injuries in Mashkai, 36 died and 208 injured in Mangoli, 72 died and 176 sustained injuries in Awaran, 142 died and 307 sustained injuries in  Malar/Dandar due to earth-quake.