We should learn from our enemies and also the developed countries. All over the world an elected government and democracy are signs of progress and relief for the poor masses but Pakistan is still being run like an aristocracy! Many millions are living below the poverty line. We have just one scheme for these poor people, ‘Income Support’ program through which 5.5 million families are getting a meagrely Rs 1000 every month.

It appears, this program like others is riddled with scams as exposed by the media. It is alleged the scheme is used for political purpose and the money is usually awarded to those who have political affiliation with PPP or other political parties.  While in India, a scheme called “Food Security Scheme” was launched by which the poor families get wheat at Rs.2.00 per kg, rice at Rs 3.00 per kg and coarse grain at Rs.1.00 kg. This scheme is for below poverty line and slum (jhuggi) people who hold the card. Food security cards have already been issued to these people and they are enjoying this facility. With this help they are able to send their children to schools where healthy meals are served to them for lunch and the government also pays them a minor financial aid enabling the country to achieve such high literacy rate.

Our government should start such scheme rather than an “Income Support” so if that the poor strive to earn and get food at subsidized prices. But our scheme has turned these 5.5 million into beggars waiting for a handout and thus not striving to work at all.


Lahore, November 10.