Successful test firing of the Hatf-IX missile at the culmination of military exercise ‘Azme-Nau-4’ by the Pakistani forces is being termed as a great achievement. The missile having a range of 60km hit home with complete accuracy and precision, thus indicating that the Pakistani forces are capable and stand prepared for any unforeseen military event. The team constituted of scientists and security personnel was congratulated by the chief of army general Kiayani for their efforts and hard work. In the backdrop of the security situation post-9/11 war era, the need for an enhanced war readiness attains primacy as the global order alters and power structures change, the need for smaller nations to jealously guard their sovereignty and survival becomes essential. In order to deter any unforeseen threat to national existence, nations require to build armies and accumulate arsenal. In this post-modern era, however, and in the South Asian background of asymmetric warfare and foreign involvement the need becomes a necessity.


Peshawar, November 11.