ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court has been moved on Tuesday for initiating contempt proceedings against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, secretary interior, secretary law & justice, Director General FIA and others for non-compliance of the apex court’s July 3 order.

The federal government was directed to proceed as per its undertaking given against former military dictator Pervez Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution. Former president of Lahore High Court Bar Association, Rawalpindi Bench, Sheikh Ahsan-ud-Din, filed the petition under Article 204 of the Constitution, making the incumbent PM, secretary ministry of interior, secretary ministry of law & justice, DG FIA and Musharraf as respondents.

The senior lawyer also requested the apex court to restrain the retired general from leaving the country till the conclusion of the legal proceedings against him. The petitioner stated that according to his information, only an inquiry committee was constituted but it did not move one inch ahead and no investigation appears to have been conducted in this connection.

“This submission finds support from the fact that despite of passing more than four months, the petitioner, who is complainant in the case, was never contacted even once by the inquiry committee in connection with the investigation of the case allegations, nor he heard anything from investigation team, in the last four months, nor the Special Court for the trail of the case has been constituted, nor any periodical reports about the progress of the investigation were sent by the DG FIA to the PM’s office,” Sheikh Ahsan alleged.

The petitioner also stated that all the respondents, including PM had joined handing with Pervez Musharraf with a purpose to provide him safe exit from Pakistan.

“The honour and prestige of this court is being damaged and lowered among the world nations and foreign governments. The case on account of its worldwise importance is not only under watch of the people of Pakistan but it is also under watch of the nations abroad and the government of foreign countries. The question of punishing the contemners has gained much more importance than the case of ordinary persons.” He also stated that the PM, as head of the government, was bound to see that the judicial orders regarding the matter were being implemented and obeyed in letter and spirit or not?

The petitioner contended that all the respondents’ were guilty of committing contempt of court as they had disobeyed the court’s order and had not discharged their duties. “The disobedience and non-implementation of the July 3, 2013 order is intentional and deliberate. Crime stands committed beyond all shades of doubt,” he added.