Jundullah, the TTP splinter group who tried to take credit for the Wagah tradegy is now trying to say that they are in touch with the big Islamic State fish. Jundullah spokesman Fahad Marwat said that the IS group had visisted Balochistan. They wanted to see what the scope of collaboration with militants of Pakistan was. And though IS poses a very real threat to Pakistan, is Jundallah just looking for attention since they have almost lost the Wagah feather in their cap to Jamaat ul Ahrar?

The provincial government of Balochistan had conveyed a confidential report to the federal government and law enforcement agencies warning of increased footprints of IS though the federal government is in absolute denial as per Chaudhry Nisar’s statement that there is no IS here. Elements of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Ahl-e-Sunnat Wai Jamat (ASWJ) have been offered to join hands with IS. And now IS is threatening to take revenge for the military operations in the tribal areas and threatening to attack in Kheyber Pakhtunkhwa. And of course, there are wall chalkings and posters of IS all over Pakistan from Karachi to Khanewal.

Whether the IS is defeated in Iraq and Syria or not, they will infiltrate into other countries and Pakistan has already been a breeding ground for militants. The army and intelligence has to make sure that they do not get their hook into us, even though militant outfits like Jundallah are trying their best to attract these new investors. Should the government let the people know when to worry? Should such intelligence be shared with the common man, the one who dies from bombs planted on the streets? Or if Nisar had acknowledged the threat, would it have caused panic? Aren’t we expecting a move from IS in the region? There is much more to come. We should brace ourselves.