Despite our constant bewailing, the 11kv MEPCO distribution lines passing over our houses remain intact. About seven houses are affected by the constant danger posed to human life by these HT wires which was not the case when they were first erected by WAPDA about 60 years ago, when this land in Muzaffargarh where our houses stand was used for only agricultural cultivation. The answer given by the local MEPCO authorities to our requests for removal or shifting of these lines is that since our houses were built after the construction of the 11kv WAPDA lines, they will not be removed according to the (pitiless) British-days 1910 electricity act adopted by Pakistan which shows no respect for private property or human life. However, according to them, if we are ready to pay a considerable amount of money, this job will be done. If we pay to MEPCO officially, the sum is prohibitive. However, less painful alternatives are also suggested. We know that heavy amounts are realized from big real-estate developers for shifting such WAPDA lines but our case is totally non-commercial and different, and unfortunately, all of us are retired and poor people and we built our houses individually and we can afford to pay nothing. Also, the nature of work involved in our case is very small and can be easily covered by MEPCO contingency staff and fund. We had a severe earthquake recently which dangerously bent the poles which bear our 11kv wires. But we have received no attention to our cries in this regard. The government, in any case, will hay to pay us compensation money should human life be lost when ultimately these crumbling live wires fall on us.

We may humbly point out that these 11kv lines start from a pole standing near Fareed Colony Mosque here in Muzaffargarh which we may call Pole-A. After passing over our houses these 11kv lines join a pole we may call Pole-B. Fortunately, another set of similar 11kv lines originates from Pole-A, takes a turn westwards and after continuing for about 200 meters, turns south parallel to our overhead 11kv line and after continuing for another about 200 meters again takes a turn to the east and joins Pole-B merging with our overhead 11kv line. After merging together, it becomes one set of 11kv line which goes towards Pirjahania locality and then further on beyond it. So it can be observed that the 11kv line passing over our houses is quite superfluous and redundant and the MEPCO local authorities are adamantly refusing to remove those dangerous lines just to earn money for MEPCO, although the wires are completely degenerated and due for immediate remedy.

We again request the concerned higher authorities that our overhead 11kv line may kindly be removed to save us from constant threat to our lives.

Haji Ahmad,

11 November Muzaffargarh.