One wonders what brought BJP, better say Modi, to power in a crushing victory over Congress. Most say it was the economic growth Gujarat made during Modi’s decade long rule. With Modi in New Delhi, every Indian was looking forward for enhanced investment and growth, more jobs and business opportunities. But what’ happening in India is just opposite. Politics of hatred and communal strife is being fanned to vow the voters. Is this government’ mandate to decide what and what can’t be worn or who eats what? India has always been proud of its secular credentials and freedom of choice as being pillars of the constitution. But what BJP and its mentor outfits such as RSS and Shiv Sena are doing is simply manipulation of Hindu mythology and Vedas to advance their own agenda. Recently RSS hit its countrymen with another hate-bomb that Vedas justify death for cow-slaughtering! But what about Lord Ram depicted as a non-veg who used to hunt animals? Even Vedas mention eating of cow and other animals as custom of that period.

Who doesn’t know that slogans of Ram Rajya and Hindutva are nothing but to deceive the voters; same as their counterparts in Pakistan propagate to change their country’ fate by implementing their sectarian agenda. Modi may a BJP leader, but as prime minister he has sworn to serve all the Indians, not just hardline Hindus. For India, perhaps it’s time to decide whether to go back to politics of 40s wherein myopic polices of Congress led to creation of Pakistan, or remain a secular country of 1 billion Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and countless minority faiths.

At present, Modi’ tactical silence on Dadri incident and outbursts of his ministers is frightening everyone. True, you can’t fool all the people all the time. Same time you can’t ride the boat of hatred all the time to be in power.


Saudi Arab, October 22.