The purpose of hospitals is to provide health facilities in the hygienic and disinfected environment. Some of the government hospitals instead of relieving people from diseases are adding more agony to the patients due to the unhygienic and unsanitary conditions which causes unbearable smell that usually found in wards and rooms. The ward boys mostly avoid changing bed sheets on daily basis, resultantly bed sheets, besides being unclean and maculate, are found to have stains of blood and different liquids like tincture and pyodine. The horrific condition of washrooms makes the environment grimy. The overall condition of some Government hospitals is so painfully unbearable that even a few minute’s visitor feels awkward to be therein, what to talk of the patients who are compelled to stay longer either due to their poverty or prolonged treatment. Although these Government hospital are a great facility for the have-not due to the seasoned team of doctors and state of the art machinery but are their living conditions acceptable? Where should poor people go for their treatment?

A possible solution for this genuine issue is that instead of hiring people on permanent jobs, these facilities may be outsourced and only a limited monitoring staff may suffice for ensuring the standard of the services rendered for improved sanitary and hygienic environment.


Karachi, October 22.