According to the news, the government has placed the journalist Cyril Almeida on the Exit Control List. There has been a mistake in his case since he only performed his professional responsibility to publish leaked details of National Security Committee meetings. The real culprit is one who provided the information to the newspapers. The report published in the newspaper is known for its credibility, fairness and impartiality. The journalists working with Dawn are also known for their integrity and professional honesty.

Every thoughtful Pakistani knows that Prime Ministers daughter has a media cell in prime minister house in presence of a full-fledged ministry of information spending billions of taxpayer rupees on the projection of government images. The PML-N Government leaders are facing corruption and murder charges and are using the media to divert the attention of people from the real issue. Blaming the army establishment for it disreputable officers and not allowing Rangers operation in Karachi and Punjab in order to avoid across the board accountability are some of the reasons that media cell is spreading a misinformation propaganda campaign.


Lahore, October 11.