Pakistan is ranked to be 15th most powerful military in the world according to ‘Global Firepower’ a website that ranks military strengths of various countries as per their set criteria. Its bit of disappointment as I was looking forward to seeing Pakistan in the top 10, since we have invested so much over the years in making sure that our Armed Forces is top notch.

However, I also read that user was recommended to note that nuclear capability is not taken into account. This listing was purely a “numbers game” meant to spark debate. In any case almost any nation going to war would more than likely refrain from using such destructive warfare since the atomic bombs dropped in 1945, no nation has utilised this form of warfare for at least 60 years despite there being a good amount of conflicts since then and more nuclear powers at play in the world. This listing is purely a “numbers game” meant to spark a debate thus they include such game-changers as nuclear weapons that would clearly defeat the purpose of such an experiment.

The comparisons here are for considerations placed in a “straight-up” war based solely on a nation’s capabilities from land, sea and through the air with other statistics covering the logistical and financial aspects of waging such a campaign. Statistic sources and years are stated whenever possible but they too are steeped in propaganda


Karachi, October 13.