PTI’s MNA Dawar Khan Kundi has accused PTI’s Revenue Minister for KP Ali Amin Gandapur of facilitating the eight people accused of involvement in the case of the girl who was paraded naked in Dera Ismail Khan. Allegedly Kundi visited the family and carried out his own personal investigation to ensure Gandapur’s involvement. While many facts are uncertain and accusations remain accusations until concrete evidence is provided, the fact that a fellow party member is levelling such serious charges should be of everyone’s concerned.

At the same time, PPP’s women wing in KP has staged a sit in protest against the crime outside the residence of the victim. They are adamant that they won’t budge an inch unless Imran Khan himself comes to her house. They are also demanding strict action against Gandapur. They have also called out the silence of the KP women caucus in this case, labelling the KP assembly a rubber stamp.

Tension is building up in this case because there was a lag in action on part of the authorities. Due to political influence, the local police refused to register an FIR until mainstream and social media started reporting the story. People are calling out Imran Khan to push for justice in this case and he must. The fact that his own party leader might be an accomplice in this heinous crime surely must concern the PTI Chairman.

The fact that none of the party leaders have taken notice of this issue shows how the party lacks a coherent ideology and the moral high ground that they talk about. Up until now eight suspects have been arrested, out of which four have confessed to their crime.

Imran Khan’s absence of a stance on the matter is only making things worse for the party. If scrutiny does not begin from home, then how does the leader promise of cleansing the country of its ills? PPP women wing is rightly highlighting the situation. As long as Khan remains silent, their sit in protest will make accountability a necessity.

The party cannot shy away from the issue, especially when it is so pertinent and goes against all moral codes of the society. Or will they stick to their usual silence on issues related to women? A party that bills itself as a harbinger of a progressive Pakistan must address this festering situation in its own ranks.