Since a long time our innocent masses are being duped and hoodwinked by our clever politicians through various catchy but hollow slogans. From “Roti, Kaprha, Makan” to “Qarz Utaro, Mulk Sanwaro” to “Sab say Pehlay Pakistan”. The more recent ones include “Khappay Pakistan” and “Nia Pakistan”. Our politicians have succeeded in be-fooling the masses. If we take a bird’s eyes view of all these slogans, we shall learn that awareness, education and enlightenment of the masses have never been the priority of our leaders. They play with the raw emotions of the people to serve their own purposes.  

With the election season inching closer, once again our political leaders have thronged the national scene with similar rhetoric. They have started to pay visits of condolences to the families of deceased ones- who have left the world for good. Their main objective is to gain political mileage and nothing else. They have started holding corner meetings and staging political rallies to dodge the public with false, tricky and rosy promises. To stir the emotions of the crowd, they resort to mudslinging- hurling unfounded allegations against their rivals. 

It is quite paradoxical that every political rally turns out to be a roaring success where slogans are chanted and flags are waved. To support their respective political parties, the loyal voters sacrifice their blood relations. The internal rifts and grudges which are created within families as a result of political affiliations continue for years. Sometimes, these animosities result in casualties on election day but it all has been a business as usual for the politicians. So, this time people must think twice before casting their precious vote. They must think beyond their personal, tribal and ‘brothery’ interests rather they should vote for change. They must discard those politicians who let them down in the past. One should bear it in mind that the real change can be brought only through ballot. 


Mianwali, October 30.