We all live in one country. Our country gives us identity it is our responsibility to be a good citizen. There are some responsibilities of the good citizen that every person must follow. These responsibilities don’t only improve our surroundings but also give inner peace to us.

A good citizen is the one who is helpful and broad minded. He stays calm and doesn’t make others harder. It is the responsibility of every person to keep its area clean. He helps others in every way possible. He remains nice and fair to his neighbors. A good citizen is not a mischief maker. The thing that makes any person a good citizen is to help others. He doesn’t waste electricity and water. Good citizen is the one who abides by all the rules and laws of the country.

If explained simply, a good citizen is the one who is a true gentleman and he doesn’t follow good practices alone but also teaches others to do the same.


Karachi, October 31.