Another episode of the 'minus Nawaz season two' has been completed. The season one with PTI’s dharna a few years ago did not bring joy to the establishment. The second episode has brought some laurels for them. They have succeeded albeit for the moment.

As I pen this article, the honourable judges have proven at least one thing that the survival of this country lies in strengthening of the parliament alone. All other institutions including their own have failed miserably and consistently.

Let’s recount what transpired today. Maryam’s name has been included though it was not there in the original judgement. Hounding Maryam Nawaz in the Panama case is a strong yet again strong message to the democratic forces. The oratory of some of the judges while writing verses of Urdu poetry is an attempt to romanticise this weak and deplorable decision. The judges have tried their best to sound like revolutionaries but have failed. Their job is not to raise slogans or pass nasty comments which make the headlines of the TV channels. If they think their words will be written in gold, they are gravely mistaken. I believe they are pretty much the Sicilian Mafia which they so fondly talk about.

Let’s see what it hold for Maryam. Rumour has it that she is to be made an example, with the tacit consent of some in her family, it seems. They tried to put the blame of running the blasphemous “Bhensa” page on her but that did not work. She is equally aggressive as Nawaz if not more in prioritising the supremacy of the parliament over all other institutions. How can she be allowed to survive? There will be a lot of pressure on her and her father to leave the country and take refuge anywhere but here.

Those who ditch Nawaz at this moment will earn a short sighted victory which will not last long. The history of the establishment in Pakistan is there for everyone to see. They aren’t friends with anyone for too long. Altaf Hussain was once their blue-eyed baby. Trying to sink Nawaz from inside is the best possible way to eliminate him politically. This seems to have worked for the moment, at least from the way things are developing.

The so called hurriedly arranged meeting headed by Raja Ashfaq Sarwar showing lack of trust in Nawaz was another attempt to strike when the iron was hot. Punjab has always been a breeding ground for turncoats and it will be no different this time if something like this is needed.

Those in charge of the provincial politics do not know how the foreign policy is run or how the borders are managed. They do not have the slightest of idea the struggle that goes on between parliament and the unseen forces; the ones which have always let Pakistan down. There were rumours of NRO for Nawaz. I am just wondering who the other party who will offer the NRO is. If you think hard enough, you will eventually realise what is wrong with this country.

All this has a positive tinge to it no matter how negative things appear. The desperation of the unseen forces is getting evident by the day. They have lost hope in Imran Khan. The marriage of convenience between PSP and MQM-P is a shining example of this. They now no longer believe that Imran Khan can turn the tide in Karachi. Another new Altaf Hussain is being created in the shape of Mustafa Kamal. I am not a supporter of Altaf but I still believe that if allowed political space he can take Karachi at least once more.

We understand he has said so many bad things so he must be reprimanded. Whilst you do that can you let us know which institution made him what he is today? Will those people ever be taken to task for creating a Frankenstein?

As I wrote in one of my previous articles that showing of so many cards is a sign of a weakening establishment. Nawaz stays or goes, it will hardly matter.

Once being close to establishment was considered a feather in the cap but now, not so much.

The attempt to bring Nawaz in line by people close to him has failed. He was advised to stay abroad and let the things be managed without him. He doesn’t seem to have paid any heed to this advice and has come back to face the courts. One can only wish that the Dancing Commando Musharraf had the guts to do the same.

After the hearing on November 8, Nawaz spoke calmly. To an onlooker it did not sound like a rebel but if you decipher the words, there is a very strong message. He is not going to back down. He is the only one who can take this struggle to the end. The battle will be won by the non-democratic forced, the war is far from over.

This maybe the end of Nawaz but it definitely is not the end of democracy, however, it does sounds like a death knell for the establishment. Slowly and painfully we are getting there.