Since, the majority of the people have considered that early marriage is a curse because their mindset is that it disturb the education of women, but if we see the next side of it, then it also protects the health of women while getting birth from a woman whose age is under 18-30 then their uterus side present a bone, which is pubic symphysis that gets separated very easily and while a baby is taking birth then the pubic symphysis bone started going to its original position after the birth even after some weeks it comes its proper position.

Since, those women whose age is above 30 for them it will be hard to give birth to a baby because the bone take much time to be separated and in the cause the baby can die but mostly the women’s suffer from operation after that the women’s health will be affected badly.

Besides this, due to late marriage the children are being affected by many syndromes like down syndrome or trisomey, klifeltrate and so on even it the women age is under 35 then out of 800 women only one child will be affected by these. Thus, for saving the health of women we must accept the early marriage.


Turbat, October 30.